Ms. Pacman is on the run inside my brother

My brother called tonight to discuss a very serious problem he’s been having.

And before I go further, I want a disclaimer stating that I *know* this is a serious problem. I get it.

But I’m the girl who laughs at funerals and cries when something’s really funny.

My brother recently learned he has a heart problem. In that, he’s lost a part of his heart. A little hole got punctured in it and the piece of the heart that’s gone is now traveling through his body, causing seizures and other problems. And to make it worse, he might have to have open heart surgery someday and because of other medical conditions he has, the doctors don’t think he could survive such a surgery.

Yes, I know it’s serious.

Tonight, he calls me to say that the Docs have figured out what ails him and in the past two days, he’s had some sort of radiation treatment to help the doctors find these pieces (because the original piece then split in two) of his heart floating around his body.

But instead of the radiation finding and “tagging” these pieces, like it was supposed to, my brother said it just “ate them up.”

This is when I began to laugh inappropriately.

Of course my brother, being the big sissy he is, with a hole in his heart and all, is outraged.

“Why are you laughing about this?! This isn’t funny!” he cries.

Oh, but it is. The doctors didn’t know the stuff they put in him was actually going to eat up his floating heart pieces. Come. On.

And through my laughter, I managed to spit out that it sounds like Ms. Pacman was let loose in his insides and she just ate a piece of his heart, cause it was in her path

Then, I laughed more. But this time, my brother joined in.

After we hung up, he downloaded the Ms. Pacman music to make it his ringtone.

Laughter really is the best medicine. 🙂


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