The Mean(ing) of Green

I just heard Taylor Swift’s “Why you gotta be so mean?” on the radio and it triggered my memory of a dream from last night.

And it’s the kind of dream that should be shared.

So, Taylor was singing her song, Mean… the lyrics “Why you gotta be so mean?”  resonating in my head.

Except instead of “Mean” she said “Green.”

“Why you gotta be so GREEN?”

And in the audience, it was just me and Kermit the Frog.

So I shouted in defense of Kermit, “”Don’t you know it’s not easy being green?!”

Taylor kept on singing.  End dream.

A. I want to point out that I can’t make up dreams like this. I’m not that creative.  And…

B. Taylor’s actually a nice person. Or so I’m told via a reliable source. It involves details and a mattress… anyway, she’s nice. And my subconscious KNOWS this. So…

C. What exactly did Kermit the Frog do to rank this situation in my dream?

D. Why, oh why have I given it this much thought?

End Discussion.