It’s simple. I’m an easy sell.

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to spend my own money.

I blame her. I don’t remember her name. I feel horrible about that. But being bad with names doesn’t mean I blame her any less for the $29.99 I spent tonight. Because… well, you see the neatly shaped fruit on the counter?  And all the sliced vegetables.

Aren’t they so pretty?  I like pretty things.

And she announced there would be free things, too. And I did get the free knife that makes the v-shapes in the fruit. In fact, she gave me three of them.

That’s a good sign they really cost about $.20 a piece.

My v-shaped designs need a little work, but that’s definitely not an ugly green pepper.

I thought maybe the mandolin (the slicey thingy on the counter) would be cheaper (if not free, because she said we’d get more free things). But it was $30.

Plus the cost of the extra vegetables I bought to bring home and slice things, because what’s-her-name looked like she was having SO much fun doing it. Damn her.

Now I should probably figure out what the heck I want to make for dinner. It’s 10 pm and I haven’t eaten yet. Just sliced, diced and julienned vegetables for some unknown dish.

Oh, and the other free thing she offered?  It was a pair of kitchen shears. I already have a pair, but who doesn’t need two… right?